An Excellent Resource

This book (The Mystical Card Reading Handbook) is an outstanding resource for those interested in cartomancy. The author presents the fundamentals of divination--using nothing but a deck of playing cards--with an effective combination of instruction and illustrative examples derived from decades of her own personal experience in cartomancy. The text is very accessible, and the information and anecdotes within it are presented concisely and in a manner that enables the reader to immediately begin practicing cartomancy. Following the instructive first half of the book is an extremely useful reference section that provides interpretive meanings for each of the 52 cards, an critically useful tool for any cartomancy beginner.

The author, as one who is engaged with the larger community of diviners in this country, admits that this book is not the only source one would need to comprehensively learn cartomancy. To this end, she provides ample resources by other authors and cartomancers and actively encourages readers to seek them out and learn from them.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to explore the world of cartomancy.


Not Just for Experts

This book makes it easy to get started with card reading, even if you have no previous experience or psychic ability. As an intuitive, I’d make a pretty good engineer – but by the time I’d finished the book, I’d completed a couple different types of readings and had a solid foundation for continuing. The information is clear and well-organized, and the author has a friendly, conversational style that belies her encyclopedic knowledge of the material. Highly recommend.


" to share her wisdom in a meaningful and empowering way."

Very rarely in one’s life, particularly as an adult looking to further their education, does one have the privilege of encountering an individual who has not only mastered her craft, but possesses the greater gift of being able to share her wisdom in a meaningful and empowering way. Deane is precisely this category of instructor, and I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to participate in her Cartomancy Classes. Whether you opt for a group or one on one session, the lessons are completely affordable, but life altering in their scope, value, and application. In a virtually effortless and non-judgmental fashion, Deane has generously offered access to an incredible tool for divination, and more importantly, in so doing, she has facilitated a greater self-awareness that continues to impact my life PROFOUNDLY on a daily basis. Be prepared to walk through this world with greater confidence, clarity, and compassion thanks to Deane’s good graces. She is a gift to this planet and its occupants.

--Yvonne in Canada

"She tells the truth."

One thing that Deane does exceptionally well: She tells the truth. She won't sugar-coat your reading. Despite this, Deane has compassion and humor, and will help you to understand the more difficult aspects of your chart, explaining things in a way that makes sense to you. She'll check in along the way to make sure you're with her. She moves through a reading fast, so there is a lot of information covered in your time with her! The last thing I would say about Deane's readings? Get one!

--Sally in OR

"It is never too late to heal!"

Deane’s astrological readings are intuitive and well grounded in her extensive knowledge and experience. She has an amazing ability to read and translate the information offered from the universe and express them in stories that allow me to use the insight in a useful and transformative way. I am forever grateful for the help her work has given me in my own personal and spiritual growth, and especially how to be of service in my family relationships, so that I can make the best and most positive use of my time here. She has helped me to walk this earthly path with my heart and mind open to heaven.

Her astrological insights gave voice and confidence to my dreams. I am able to use the sense of divine discontent I felt and leap into the substance where dreams are realized and begin to build the life I am meant to live. It is a satisfying and fulfilling journey! She helped me trust the urgings of my heart to change my life, even at 63. It is never too late to write the next chapter of my own personal book of life and I am so glad I had the courage to trust in the guidance I received. It is never too late to heal! Thank you Deane Mae!

--Marta in NC


"a truly gifted astrologer!"

Deane is truly a gifted astrologer! She infuses her knowledge and skill with her intuitive and loving energy. Her readings are in-depth, insightful and accurate. My annual solar return is my road map through each new year. 

--Helen in NY

"chock full of planetary goodness..."

Deane takes the complexity of your Natal or Solar chart and with wit and expertise smoothly decodes and explains your unique blueprint to you.  A reading with her can be equated to sitting down having a cup of tea and a conversation with your best friend.  She creates an environment of education and empowerment so personalized that you would swear she has grown up with you.  Accurate and creative, she provides information for you to better understand yourself and how you interact with your environment.  And even when the information you receive is uncomfortable or challenging, Deane finds a way to get you the necessary facts with such profound compassion.  She has my utmost respect for fully informing me of the “good, the bad, the ugly” and the “what is possible” every time I have a reading with her.  Every year after my Solar Return reading I make a checklist of all she talked about, and, like a grocery list I can check them off as the year progresses.

Incredibly knowledgeable on many levels, Deane has the unique ability to connect with her clients while she weaves clever stories of Astrological information into witty relevant examples that help you to deeply understand planetary energies: both how they affect you and how you might ride their wave onto the shore.  Her integrity, expertise and obvious joy in Astrology won me over the first time she read my natal chart.  She has been my Astrologer of choice for the past 20 years.  I look forward to my annual Solar Return reading every year.  Your Reading will be chock full of planetary goodness – do yourself a huge favor and call this woman NOW.

--Jennie in ME

"a light in the stars offering sanity..."

There have been times in the past few years that I have been stuck or not knowing which direction to go in.  The information that Deane shares through the astrological perspective is always very helpful and spot on.  It is a relief to know that when it is dark or when there is a storm within, there is light in the stars offering sanity in a very insane world. Thank you Deane Mae for being a facilitator for the light to come through!  

--Beth in NC

"amazed at how spot-on her intuition is..."

We always enjoy getting our yearly updates and knowing what the themes of our year will reflect.  I also find it interesting to re-listen to them again toward the end of my calendar year reflecting on how all the pieces have woven together. Deane's insights are always very helpful and I'm amazed at how spot-on her intuition is when reading our charts, it's an amazing gift ~so, thank you for sharing it with us!

--Kelley & Jim in TX

"an advisor, a sounding board and guide..."

Deane Driscoll has been reading on a monthly basis for me since 2002. Over the years, she has been an advisor, a sounding board and a thoughtful and supportive friend and guide to me. She has witnessed my growth through some of the most difficult years (I truly don't think for a second that I could have made it through with grace and my sanity intact if it weren't for her calm advice and guidance.) I recommend her highly to anyone...she has been an amazing astrologer and we consider her an honorary member of our family!

--Christine in MA

"a great sense of humor..."

I find Deane to be a very knowledgeable astrologer and precise in her interpretation of any queries I had over the years. She is reliable and has a great sense of humor, too. She has been my astrologer for over 15 years and has helped me through my various problems and hurdles I encountered throughout my life. I am very grateful to have such a wonderful Astrologer I trust and love.

--Marcell in CA

"a source of calm and insight..."

Deane’s meditations have been a source of calm and insight through everything from transatlantic flights and unexpected cross-country moves to the more frequent angsts of everyday life. If you want your consciousness shifted, listen up. These are deeply powerful tools.

--Nell in NY