"...able to share her wisdom in a meaningful and empowering way."

Very rarely in one’s life, particularly as an adult looking to further their education, does one have the privilege of encountering an individual who has not only mastered her craft, but possesses the greater gift of being able to share her wisdom in a meaningful and empowering way. Deane is precisely this category of instructor, and I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to participate in her Cartomancy Classes. Whether you opt for a group or one on one session, the lessons are completely affordable, but life altering in their scope, value, and application. In a virtually effortless and non-judgmental fashion, Deane has generously offered access to an incredible tool for divination, and more importantly, in so doing, she has facilitated a greater self-awareness that continues to impact my life PROFOUNDLY on a daily basis. Be prepared to walk through this world with greater confidence, clarity, and compassion thanks to Deane’s good graces. She is a gift to this planet and its occupants.

--Yvonne in Canada