The Mystical Card Reading Handbook (digital version)

The Mystical Card Reading Handbook

by Lady Deane

There is a sacred, hidden language encoded within the natural universe. And if you know how to decode it you can unlock the key to understanding the deeper mysteries in life.

Card Reading is one way you can reveal the ancient mystical wisdom hidden within an ordinary deck of playing cards. My grandmother knew the secrets of the cards and she taught them to me.  This amazing system can be used to gain invaluable knowledge about yourself, your family and your friends. In this handbook I have listed the meaning of every card under all four suits, and for each planetary influence. These meanings may be used with any card reading you choose....whether you are using "Destiny Card" type readings, or doing a more intuitive type reading as my grandmother and I did.  Which makes this handbook an invaluable resource for any card reader.

And this digital version is available for download now! (print version available thru

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The Mystical Card Reading Handbook--SIGNED COPY

NOW AVAILABLE! A signed copy of the Mystical Card Reading Handbook is available for $23 (includes priority shipping) directly from the author. If you would like a personal inscription, please email deane@ourcosmicdance, or call (860) 772-2904, and I would be happy to provide one for you. Also, if you include your birthdate, I'll tell you what your Birth Card is.

You may also order this book directly from the publisher (ACS) at, or by calling Tom Canfield of ACS, M-F, from 10am-3pm (EST), at (603) 734-4300.

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