Office hours are generally Monday thru Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm, EST.  Closed on Sundays.

Your calls will be returned as quickly as possible.  If the office is to be closed for an extended period I will post a notice. My office is in my home, so—please—no late night calls (thank you!).



Our Cosmic Dance

New London, CT 06320
United States

Mon – Sat, 9:00am-6:00pm, EST

T: +1 860 772-2904
E: deane@ourcosmicdance.com



Deane Driscoll is a professional astrologer, teacher and writer with over 33 years of experience and holds elder clergy credentials as Lady Deane with CoG (Covenant of the Goddess).  She offers natal chart readings as well as classes in astrology, card reading, and other metaphysical topics.


All readings—in person, via phone or Skype—may be recorded; please request a recording at the time of your reading (cd or mp3 file). However, live recordings are not guaranteed (equipment problems have occasionally been known to happen), and you are encouraged to take notes.

In the case of solar returns (a yearly summary reading), I also offer pre-recorded readings.  I use a computer program to help me cast the individual charts, however all my readings are prepared by me, not a computer.  And I still do it the old fashioned way (one chart at a time with my #2 pencil).

I accept a select number of clients each year in order to assure that each client receives my personal attention and my best work. You are paying for my 33+ years of experience in Astrology, and my rates reflect this.  All readings are prepaid and include shipping.