Welcome to the Celestial Ballroom

The Solar Return

The Solar Return Chart is the dance of the year and is time sensitive.  Unlike the Natal Chart, it has an expiration date.  But for that one year, it's an absolute gold mine of information.  This timely chart represents your personal year (not the calendar year) and covers the time period from your birthday one year to your birthday the next. Think of it like a high-level summary of your year. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow obtain an advance 'to-do' list each year that actually reflected the big important stuff?  Or what if you could take a ride in a time-machine that would allow you to take a magical sneak peek at what would happen that year?  No, it’s not a 'Magic 8 Ball.'  It won’t make decisions for you or tell you every single thing that will happen during the year (darn that pesky free will). And it can’t do the dishes or wash your car. But still. It’s pretty awesome.  I highly recommend it.

The Natal Chart

Your Natal Chart is the single most important chart used in astrology.  It begins your dance here on earth.  It is so important that all other predictive charts that might be used to assist you are based upon the natal.  This is why I ask all new clients to start here.  Without a fundamental understanding of your natal chart, there can be no understanding of any of the others.  Your natal chart is a frozen snapshot of a singular moment in time—the time of your entry into this physical life.  Your birth moment.  Your first breath of life, your personal sunrise, the map to your individual dance steps.  But after the planets took a momentary “pause” to pose for their picture (ie: your natal chart), they simply  tipped their hats to you, said: 'Welcome Earthling,' and kept right on moving.  Because the heavens stop for no one.  They are always in motion.  And your natal chart can tell me unbelievably complicated things about you.  Such as what you love, what you feel passionately about (how well do you dance?).  Or what challenges you, what kind of childhood you had, did you like school, are you likely to find love.  Or even, for instance, why you came to Earth in the first place.

So what kind of dance did you come here to learn?  the Waltz?  the Fox Trot? the Rumba?  Something more exciting perhaps? How about the Tango!

Call me at (860) 772-2904 or email me at deane@ourcosmicdance.com and I'll tell you.

Fun Facts

Horoscope means ‘hour marker.’  It marks the moment of your birth or ‘nativity’ (which is why we call your horoscope your natal chart).

Astrology and Astronomy used to be studied together. Did you know that ‘Astronaut’ is really a sailor among the stars?  ‘Astron’ is Greek for star and ‘nautes’ is Greek for sailor.  Likewise, a Russian Cosmonaut is a sailor (nautes) in the universe or cosmos (kosmos).

Has anyone ever wished you ‘many happy returns of the day’ on your birthday?  This refers to your solar return—the moment when the sun returns to the exact spot it held in the heavens when you were born. So, when you say ‘many happy returns’ to someone you are really saying ‘may the sun return many more times for you’ and are wishing them a long and happy life.

Other Predictive Tools: Updates

When you have an Update Reading, that is exactly what I am doing.  I am updating your chart to see what time it is for you right then and there.  For this, I use a variety of predictive tools including Transit Charts, Progressed Charts, and Eclipse Charts. Each has its own specific use and combined they provide me with a pretty complete picture of where you’re at.  Transit simply means the moving planets in the sky overhead.  Because they are.  Moving.  Always.  Some move fast and some move slow but they never stand still.  They have places to go, people to influence, orbital timetables to keep.  And where they are right now influences things here on earth.  Planets will progress more slowly than they transit, but these can be important markers as well.  And eclipses have themes all their own.  Eclipses act like little cleaning demons and they vacuum out the houses they pass through in your chart.  Think of it like cleaning out a closet....one you haven't opened in awhile.  First you have to take everything out of the closet and look at it.  Then you have to sort it all out and decide what goes and what stays.  Then, finally, you get to put it all back in again (hopefully in some kind of order).  We all have our own personal closets that need organizing and eclipses show us where in life we are in the process of dealing with our junk.

Lunar Return Charts

Lunar Return Charts help illuminate one lunar month (about 28 days) of your life.  They represent a fast dance, but an important one.  They focus on the Moon and can be especially helpful if you’re having a particularly busy or challenging couple of weeks. It gives a sort of cosmic 'head’s-up' and helps you to navigate whatever star weather appears.  It also provides a level of detail that the solar return doesn’t (the solar return is more like a high-level summary of your year).  Because you can view a smaller amount of time in a lunar chart, you can see quite a bit more of the day-to-day sorts of things....such as how your work week will go, how your family is doing and your overall health.

The Moon will fall into a different house of the chart each month and that will give you a theme that covers several weeks at a time.  The Moon represents our emotional life and so it tells us about any personal issues we might be dealing with for any given month and shows where your heart's at. In a way, Lunar Returns show your inner life, your moods, and what you're processing emotionally.  Because happiness depends on your emotional state, I find these charts to be extremely valuable and I often think of them as the potato chips of astrology (you can't have just one).

More Fun Facts

Did you know that the days of the week were named in honor of the planets?  Some are even quite literal—for instance Monday is the Moon’s day, Sunday is the Sun’s day and Saturday belongs to Saturn.  But what about the rest?  Tuesday was named for Tiu, the Germanic God of War, and belongs to Mars; Wednesday was named for Woden or the Norse God Odin, and belongs to Mercury; Thursday is Thor’s day (literally 'day of thunder'), and belongs to Jupiter (this day is also associated with Jove and Zeus); and Friday is Freya’s day, the Goddess of Love and Beauty (also associated with Aphrodite), and belongs to Venus.  Even the meanings of each day belong to the planets.  Remember this old poem?

  • Monday’s Child is Fair of Face (the Moon gives a round face and a milky complexion)

  • Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace (Mars rules war and gives athleticism and balance)

  • Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe (Mercury was the messenger of the gods and his messages were often tragic—ever hear the expression ‘don’t shoot the messenger?’)

  • Thursday’s Child has Far to Go (Jupiter rules travel)

  • Friday’s Child is Loving and Giving (Venus rules love)

  • Saturday’s Child Works Hard for a Living (Saturn rules hard work and time, without Saturn there would be no accomplishment at all)

  • But the Child that is Born on the Sabbath Day, is Fair and Wise and Good and Gay. (without our Sun there would be no life on earth; the Sun represents your core personality, your most true self and the expression of your life force)

So, what day were YOU born on?

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