Wonderful Handbook for understanding the Playing Card System

By j-nuala on December 11, 2016
A very comprehensive guide to for using the playing card system for self reflection and divination work. Its obvious from the way this author sets up the information that she is passionate about this method. Her easy going ,but knowledgeable approach made navigating and using this handbook a dream. In the past I would have to have several text open and go between them all. Deane Driscoll has complied some of the best information available out there.Reading this book was a journey into myself and the magic behind one of the oldest systems used in playing card work in the present day. She combines her love of astrology and this system and then disseminates the information so clearly.
The potential for this book is infinite. Using your Birth Card to types of readings all wrapped in a great chapter in the Art if Interpretation. This is so much more then understanding your "Birth card" this is a manual to understand relationships and helps you decipher karmic connections. Highly Recommended. From the Beginner to the more advanced- this book has something for all.

This is a must have for anyone's library whether its for personal or professional use. Lovely Artwork!

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