An Excellent Resource

This book (The Mystical Card Reading Handbook) is an outstanding resource for those interested in cartomancy. The author presents the fundamentals of divination--using nothing but a deck of playing cards--with an effective combination of instruction and illustrative examples derived from decades of her own personal experience in cartomancy. The text is very accessible, and the information and anecdotes within it are presented concisely and in a manner that enables the reader to immediately begin practicing cartomancy. Following the instructive first half of the book is an extremely useful reference section that provides interpretive meanings for each of the 52 cards, an critically useful tool for any cartomancy beginner.

The author, as one who is engaged with the larger community of diviners in this country, admits that this book is not the only source one would need to comprehensively learn cartomancy. To this end, she provides ample resources by other authors and cartomancers and actively encourages readers to seek them out and learn from them.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to explore the world of cartomancy.