"It is never too late to heal!"

Deane’s astrological readings are intuitive and well grounded in her extensive knowledge and experience. She has an amazing ability to read and translate the information offered from the universe and express them in stories that allow me to use the insight in a useful and transformative way. I am forever grateful for the help her work has given me in my own personal and spiritual growth, and especially how to be of service in my family relationships, so that I can make the best and most positive use of my time here. She has helped me to walk this earthly path with my heart and mind open to heaven.

Her astrological insights gave voice and confidence to my dreams. I am able to use the sense of divine discontent I felt and leap into the substance where dreams are realized and begin to build the life I am meant to live. It is a satisfying and fulfilling journey! She helped me trust the urgings of my heart to change my life, even at 63. It is never too late to write the next chapter of my own personal book of life and I am so glad I had the courage to trust in the guidance I received. It is never too late to heal! Thank you Deane Mae!

--Marta in NC