The SUMMER of 2018

by Lady Deane

The sky does not stand still. It’s like an all-nite Dance Hall that never closes. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all day every day. The dance is ever in progress.  And this summer the dance steps are a bit livelier and more complex than usual.  This is mostly because between July and August there will be three eclipses. Normally, eclipses get the energy moving again. If you’ve been “stuck” someplace in life, chances are that this summer you’re about to be blown right out of your own way.

As I say, normally this is what happens, and normally it’s a good thing. No one likes being stuck. But this summer happens to also feature a whole sky full of retrograding planets, and this does complicate things a bit. Oh, you’ll still get unstuck and moving. But you may well have to jump a few strategically placed hurdles along the way.


We’ll tackle the retrogrades first. Let’s look at some dates. In June, Mars retrogrades from June 26th thru August 27th, from 9 degrees Aquarius back down thru 29 degrees Capricorn.  Adding Mars to Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto (which were already retrograde), that makes 5 planets retrograding at once. Then on July 10th, Jupiter will go direct; however on July 25th Mercury will join in the retrograde parade! So, we spend most of July with 5 retrograding planets as well. Then in August Uranus joins the retrograding horde making 6 retrograding planets at one time. This has happened before, so I wouldn’t say it’s rare or anything, but it certainly does not happen every year and it definitely complicates the eclipse season.

Now, I’m not going to talk about every retrograde because there are just too darn many of them (and also I’m not an Avenger. My only superpower is astrology). And the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) spend about half the year retrograding anyway. But I am going to give you some info about Mars, because it’s the most recent retrograde and because it’s been my experience that Mars and Mercury retrogrades tend to be a bit more noticeable than some of the other planets.

With Mars, the key phrase is “slow down” (literally). The more you can switch gears, and “power down” (or go within), the better off you will be.  For example: Do you normally like to jog or work out when you get stressed?  Someone who normally uses physical activity to process stress, may find that Mars retrograde periods are a bit more problematic. Because as Mars retrogrades, it will slow down our physical progress for a time.  So, for instance, you would be better off taking a meditation class than a step aerobics class then.  Or perhaps you could briefly switch over to stretching exercises or strength training (something slower and more deliberate than just running). At the very least, make sure you do your warm-ups and cool downs…even if you’re normally OK skipping them. Mars retrogrades are notorious times for accidents or injury. Type-A’s have the most problem here. Do you feel the need to stay busy 24/7? Because someone who needs to be “doing” all the time, will find both Mars and Mercury retrograde periods quite challenging. As these planets retrograde, the new energy will discourage “busy-ness” in day-to-day life and encourage a tour of the inner landscape instead.

In previous articles I’ve talked a lot about Mercury retrograde, so this time around I’m going to focus on Mars retrograde and provide a few tips about how to navigate it successfully. Normally, when faced with a challenging situation, Mars is the King of “just barreling thru it.”  Think Ram. And when Mars is direct this will work more times than not. However, when Mars is retrograde pure bluster and muscle just won’t cut it. Now you will be involved in situations that require a bit more finesse or planning. Just what Mars hates. Or, when all else fails, how about standing still (as opposed to charging blindly ahead) to assess the damage? Yet another thing Mars isn’t very good at. Thinking before acting.

What Mars Represents: War, Anger, Survival instinct, Physical Energy, your “get-up-and-go” Ambition, Drive, Competition, Passion, Sexual Expression

Who Mars represents: Yourself, Your Enemy, Your Competitor, Your Lover, the Object of your Passion

When Mars retrogrades we are processing our anger, as well as our passion and drive. Here are a few suggestions for getting through it in style (and with your horns still intact).


·      Don’t be pushy.  You don’t need to be first every single time.

·      Don’t be a bully.

·      Don’t shout.

·      Don’t give in to road rage. Aggressive behavior will not work out well for you now (if it ever did).

·      Don’t overdo it at the gym. Muscles can be overworked, easy does it.

·      Don’t pursue. Don’t chase (let people come to you for a change). Avoid one-night stands  (or unprotected sex).

·      Don’t rush around. Don’t be an accident waiting to happen.


·      Do drive cautiously, do give the right-of-way, decrease your speed.

·      Do lower your voice (or at least become more aware of how annoying it is when you have loud cell phone conversations in public spaces).

·      Do process old grievances.

·      Do let go of grudges.

·      Do learn to express anger in a healthy way.

·      Do slow down (walk, don’t run).

·      Do express/explore your passion in life.


Now, combine everything we just said about retrograding energy with the eclipse energy and you’ll know approximately how hard it is to be an astrologer!  What am I? Houdini? (possibly…and now for your viewing entertainment, watch me escape this death-defying feat by writing my way out!). Eclipses narrow your focus like a laser beam and shine light into the dark spaces in your life. They “illuminate” (sometimes, literally) where we need to clean out, let go, and get going again.

Imagine cleaning out a closet you haven’t been through in years. It’s dark and scary in there. Like something from another planet. Who knows what you’ll find? Discarded toys from childhood (chewed-on leggos, war-torn GI Joes)? Aunt Hilda’s figurine collection? Last summer’s exercise equipment (from way back when you thought you could actually get “swimsuit” ready)? Gasp! Talk about your magic tricks.

But no matter what you find, it’s yours and you have to clean it up. You can’t hide from it, and you can’t just shove it back into the closet. Sure, it’s daunting at first. Who likes to clean out closets? But then you get your flashlight out, clear out the clutter, clean out the cobwebs, take a pile to Goodwill, and *!*presto-change-o*!* just like that your closet is looking like it’s from earth again. Perhaps you even have room for your clothes (I would add “and shoes” to this sentence, but I’m not insane. Closets do have their limitations).

Now the important question…WHERE are you closet cleaning this summer? What kind of closet are you dealing with? That’s the real mystery. And just like Agatha Christie, a real live astrologer can solve the mystery by telling you which areas of life you will be dealing with this summer. You see, eclipses happen within the sign that the moon occupies….and they also affect the opposite sign. A Solar Eclipse pairs the Sun and Moon in the same sign and a Lunar Eclipse has the Sun and Moon in opposite signs. Here are the dates and signs of the upcoming eclipses:

July 12th: Solar Eclipse, New Moon at 20 degrees Cancer

July 27th: Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon at 4 degrees Aquarius/Leo

August 11th: Solar Eclipse, New Moon at 18 degrees Leo

A brief word about signs: Cancer rules mothers and families and Leo rules children. Soooo…I’m thinking that on the world stage we may see the July and August eclipses playing out in the area of immigrant children and family issues. Remember what I said about not being able to hide stuff anymore?  Add to that the fact that eclipses tend to uncover the truth about stuff (they shine light). So if you’re hiding things, they tend to come out during eclipses. Yes, I do digress. But interesting, no?

For those of you who know your charts, here is a “mini list” of the houses and some of the eclipse themes that may manifest. Remember that eclipses often effect house polarities–that is–2 opposite houses at a time. They’re efficient that way. They multitask.

HOUSES 1/7: This polarity deals with “self/not-self” or self vs others. It’s all about relationships, and your most important relationship starts with Y-O-U. Sort out who you want to be, then who you want to be with. Themes: self development, self improvement, makeovers, dating and mating and otherwise pairing up, make-ups or break-ups, marriage and divorce, partnership negotiations and agreements.

HOUSES 2/8: This polarity deals with finances and what you value. What belongs to you, and what to your partner? Time to get your financial ducks in a row. It also deals with self-esteem…as in….do you have any? People living in poverty often suffer indignities that those with wealth don’t have to worry about. But we all have worth as people. Themes: money, bank accounts, shared resources, debts. Death and dying, inheritance, gifts, insurance payouts. One’s “net worth” (is self-esteem calculated before or after taxes?).

HOUSES 3/9: This polarity deals with communication, information, and (hopefully) wisdom. Let your voice be heard. If you have something to say, say it. But tell your truth. And remember, that it may not be someone else’s truth. You gotta own it. Themes: emails, snailmail, texting, cellphones, writing and all forms of communicating, education, publication, siblings and neighbors, spiritual growth and exploration, travel, short trips and commutes. Planes, trains, and automobiles.

HOUSES 4/10: This polarity deals with public and private standing in the world. Home vs Career, family connections vs business connections, they nurture one another. And, if you work at home you have to learn to combine the two. To have purpose in life depends upon setting a successful foundation. This allows you to go out into the world with confidence and achieve your goals. Themes: home, family, tribe, childhood, the past, mothering, nurturing, homemaking, career, titles, goals, honors and achievements. Public standing.

HOUSES 5/11: This polarity deals with youth vs age, children and the elderly, artistry, creativity, having fun (at any age), and being young at heart. Here we join groups to support a cause or because we need to be with people of like mind (like groups of people who share our hobbies). Themes: children, recreation, vacation, procreation, creative self expression, acting, performing, romance, groups and clubs, retirement plans, what one does after ones career, hopes, dreams and wishes .

HOUSES 6/12: This polarity deals with health, and what is either done (or undone) to it each and every day in your daily routine. And health is both mental and physical, so emotional habit patterns become just as important as whether or not you smoke or drink. Themes: health and wellness, diet and exercise routines, good and bad habits (and how they impact overall health), mental fitness and strength, chronic health problems, cures and treatments, therapy, small animals and pets.

So, hopefully, this little dance lesson will help some of you navigate the ballroom more gracefully. As for me, I absolutely love knowing that the sky will always keep me on my toes!  Ever lively, ever rhythmic, and always fun. So enjoy the dance this summer.  For come the fall, the rhythm will change and once again we’ll have new steps to learn. I can’t wait!  : 0 )