Dance Away the Weekend, Aug/2018

by Lady Deane

This article is just a reminder, really, that a New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on Saturday, August 11th.  It occurs in the sign of Leo the Lion which rules children, love affairs, and creativity, just to name a few things. Wherever the sign of Leo falls in your chart is where you most want to “shine” in life. Those who have it on the Midheaven or in the 10th house, for example, may need to shine in their careers or to become well known for something.  If you have it in the 7th house you may choose to shine through your marriage or share the spotlight with business partners. If you have it in the 1st house you are an incorrigible narcissist who loves mirrors. Just kidding (every now and then I like to see if people really read these things). In the 1st house you would literally shine through your unique personality. In the 4th house, your home would be where the spotlight shines and you may develop your creativity through unusual furnishings or interior design. And so on.

Any eclipse, regardless of the sign it occurs in, will act like a catalyst to get stuck energies moving again. I like to think of them as “closet cleaners” or where we are likely to be getting our ducks in a row. So, stuff usually takes on speed during an eclipse week. However, Saturday’s New Moon Eclipse occurs at the same time that we have six planets in retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This does change the energy somewhat.  Of the retrograding planets, Mercury is most likely the most annoying (delaying plans, increasing miscommunications, messing with your electronic systems like internet connections or emails). Fortunately, it’s short-lived and Mercury will be going direct on August 18th. This will be followed by Mars going direct on August 28th and Saturn, which goes direct on September 6th.

So really, in the scheme of things, this is a brief period of time. But for this weekend and next week, I just have a few ideas to share. As the “hurry up and get it done!” energy of the eclipse mixes with the “slow down and do it right!” energy of the retrogrades, try to keep in mind that people may be under tremendous pressure. We often don’t know the hidden problems or heartbreak that people carry around with them. So rather than add to the madness, be a messenger of light now. Meet stress with calm;  “get out of my way, fool” with “after you, friend;” and mean-spirited rants with kindness and compassion. Yes, that’s hard to do. Human nature seems to be more “hit me, I’ll hit you back harder” rather than “turn the other cheek” at the moment. What we put out there matters.  Maybe more so now than ever. Some days it seems to me that the “mean streets” are getting a whole lot meaner (and angrier)! But if we all forget our manners and give in to public tantrums we are adding to the problem, not the solution.

So, instead of brawling, DANCE the weekend away (Playtime is another thing ruled by Leo)! Then look up and thank your lucky stars.   : 0 )