December: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

by Lady Deane

This Sunday there will be a Full Moon across the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius (Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius). At the same time, Mercury will begin its 3 week retrograde back through Sagittarius (traveling some of the same ground as the Full Moon), making December a very tricky month.

Normally, Gemini is a very sociable and talkative sign. It’s anything but serious. It’s diverse, it’s versatile. It knows a little about a lot of different things and likes to communicate them. And it gives the gift of gab. In fact, at times it’s downright chatty, that is, when it’s not being downright argumentative. It loves to gossip. It often admits facts not in evidence just because they’re juicy. Think about our Gemini president, for example.

Now, not every Gemini will thoughtlessly tweet out every inane thought that pops into their heads, but during this particular Gemini-focused time (i.e.: most of December), you really shouldn’t. Gemini’s normally entertaining and witty persona will suddenly seem like so much superficial bullhocky that people will finally call it for what it is. And no one is going to want any version of superficial now. If you’ve been just skating by prior to this with “quick and dirty” or any version of anything less than precise and accurate, you’re going to be in the doghouse with somebody for sure. Wrong is wrong and sugar coating it won’t help you. The facts are actually going to matter this month, so spare yourself the headache of rework and double check your spreadsheets or whatever you have to do to get the facts straight. Similarly, what you don’t know can hurt you at this time, and people will be reminded in some important way that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Educate yourself. And if someone tries to help you out by showing you something you didn’t know, say “thank you” (not “piss off”). After all, if we’re all going to get along (and being a cock-eyed optimist I still believe we can), manners do count.

On a practical and somewhat more literal note, have your car serviced (especially the tires)–or at least check out that weird noise it’s been making for the past month. This will be especially important for those who have travel plans over the holidays. Also: double check your tickets/booking info to make sure they say you’re actually going where you intended to be going! And for anyone who does experience travel delays or detours… remember that the road less travelled often has hidden blessings. Like… sights you may not have gotten to see otherwise, or like new vistas that suddenly open up to a whole world of exciting possibilities. In other words, make the best of who and what you end up with. In the end you may be surprised at just how pleasant that can be. Physically, take care of your shoulders, arms and hands.

Bottom line? Much of December may feel like missteps or misplaced energy (for those who rush ahead), or like you’re playing a testy sort of waiting game (for those who appreciate good timing). But things do improve around the Winter Solstice (Dec 21st), so hang in there. And Mercury goes direct just in time to make your holidays Merry and Bright.

In the meantime, you can still multi-task (a Gemini specialty), but keep your eyes on the prize because distractions will loom large. Also, try not to jump to conclusions about anyone or anything. Give your word judiciously and when you give it, keep it (don’t over promise). Between the effects of the New Moon in Gemini and Mercury retrograde you’ll want to think twice before emailing, tweeting, sharing your thoughts (then think again). Because first impressions (about people, situations, projects etc.) will likely need to be revised at some point later on simply because there’s stuff you didn’t know or weren’t aware of. And don’t talk over people…you’ll miss something important. Half of your conversations should involve listening anyway.

Lastly, make sure your tires still have some tread on them. “Where the rubber meets the road” is another way of saying that this month shows us who can really get the job done when they’re put to the test. In other words, to get somewhere in December, you’ll need to prove what you’re really made of.  So braggarts beware. The real work starts when the talk stops and you put the car in gear.

And you DO have places to go! Wonderful places. Never doubt it! I hope to see some of you there. And if you’d like a personal roadmap to help guide your way, my readings will all be on sale until January 1st.    Happy Holidays! : 0 )