by Lady Deane


May 6th, New Moon in Taurus

16 Degrees Taurus: “An old man is attempting, with a degree of success unsuspected by him, to reveal the mysteries to a motley group.” 

There is deep inner wisdom in this degree.  And a very wise person is attempting to catch our ear.  Are we listening?  Or, perhaps you are the “wise” one yourself?  Do you have something of importance to say?  The old man in this vignette appears ordinary, and he has no idea how much his words are truly inspiring others to change, to grow, to reach for something more.  And what could be more important to impart to someone than an understanding of the mysteries of life?  Yes, there is depth available to us now.  But we have to take a moment to allow it entry.  True depth of understanding is taken in on a cellular level.  And it has the power to change us for the better from the inside out.  This information is not just for the “chosen few” either.  The motley group listening are from all walks of life, from all educational and socio-economic backgrounds.  Wisdom is being offered to one and all….for free.

From a health perspective, Taurus rules the throat and neck.  If you have had neck pain or a sore throat lately ask yourself first and foremost: “Is there something I don’t want to/am afraid to say?”  or“Have I been so inflexible that I am afraid to turn my head and see that another direction is still available to me?”  Once you figure out what you haven’t been saying, or see the possibilities you have yet to consider, then you can make some real progress.  Taurus is a very fixed earth sign and, while it’s very good energy for defending and maintaining the status quo, it’s not so good when changes have to be made.  Then it digs its heels in and refuses to budge.  This can create quite a stubborn stand-off (or a true stick-in-the-mud situation).  If this sounds like you, try not to stand in the way of forward motion.  Because the only progress you’re impeding now is your own.


In other astrological news—and gosh, there’s an awful lot of it—we now have 5 planets retrograding at the same time!  For those of you who keep track, here’s the line-up:

Mercury: Began it’s retrograde journey on April 28th and will go direct on May 22nd. What you’ll likely be dealing with if this makes a strong aspect in your natal chart: communication issues, misplaced items, networking, contracts, electronics (phones, computers, TVs), siblings.  Mercury is retrograding in Taurus the sign of the Bull—the same sign as our New Moon this month.

Now, the Bull is slow and plodding, unless of course you make him mad.  So…do I really need to say it?  Don’t wave any red flags for the next few weeks.  The Bull will charge, you’ll have to hoof it out of there fast, and no one wins. Between both Mercury and Mars being retrograde, inflammatory words just don’t work now (gee, should someone tell ‘the Donald?’) and can backfire BIGTIME.  In addition, the sign of Taurus rules the voice and how we speak, so be cautious about promises you make now because you will be counted on to keep them later.  Now more than ever, you’ll need to rethink your words; although this is a particularly good time to research something (or to rewrite your book/proposal/thesis, etc.).

Taurus also rules finances and so the next few weeks are an excellent time to balance your budget and get your financial ducks in a row.  Besides the obvious financial themes (your bank account, investments, and retirement goals), there is also a higher level theme operating now that asks you to determine what you truly do value, and to count among your valuables your own talents and abilities.  Polish them like gems now, because soon they will have a chance to shine (from about May 12th thru the end of the month is especially auspicious, thanks to a grand earth trine).  Many will begin this process by clearing out what they no longer value (or need) and releasing it.  Whether throwing it away, giving it to charity, or selling it at a garage sale—just letting go of things makes space in your life for new (and perhaps more valuable?) things to take their place.  And when you feel frantic, try repeating this age-old mantra to yourself in the mirror: “What is needed is either already at hand or soon will be.”

Mars: Began it’s retrograde journey on April 17th and will go direct on June 29th. What you’ll likely be dealing with if this makes a strong aspect in your natal chart: unresolved anger issues, rediscovering your passion in life, sports injuries (usually due to overuse or strain), past loves. Mars is retrograding back thru early Sag and late Scorpio.  This is a tough one because we’ll be asked to take responsibility for any leftover anger from the past.  Is there something (or someone) you’re still bothered by that you know you should just let go of?  Now’s the time. Mars can really hang onto some resentment in Scorpio.  But lucky for us, Mars gets a bit of help via Chiron, the healing asteroid. As Mars moves back through Scorpio it will trine Chiron—who will kiss our boo-boos and make them all better.

Jupiter: Began it’s retrograde journey on Jan 7th and will go direct on May 9th. What you’ll likely be dealing with if this makes a strong aspect in your natal chart: uncontrolled expansion issues, educational needs (updating your credentials), travel, overall health.  Jupiter is retrograding in Virgo.  Virgo asks us to adjust our diets, our health routines, and our travel plans now.  Also, if you’re looking at furthering your education, start exploring precisely which classes you’ll actually need.  Jupiter is the lifelong student and sees almost every subject as being interesting enough to study, but in Virgo we have to be a bit more specific before getting clearance to expand.

Saturn: Began it’s retrograde journey on March 25th and will go direct on August 13th.  What you’ll likely be dealing with if this makes a strong aspect in your natal chart: real estate or housing issues; bosses or authority figures, experts and expertise, fatherhood, the rules and rule makers.  Saturn is retrograding in Sagittarius.  Word to the wise?  Respect your elders and mentors now (as well as your betters). This is an excellent time to plan what type of credentials you’ll need for the next phase of your career.  IF you need to go back to school remember that they give credit for life experience.  You know, I’ve often thought it a pity that they don’t grant credit for PAST life experience.  Because some of us (and you know who you are) would have PhD’s by now!

Pluto: Began it’s long retrograde phase on April 18th and won’t go direct again until Sept 26th.  Outer planets like Pluto spend roughly half the year retrograding, so this is perhaps less noticeable than when the personal planets retrograde.  However, it does lend its energy to the overall lineup of “slowdown.”  Pluto rules over nothing less than life and death and the cycle of transformation and rebirth.  If you’re doing it right you can be transformed like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of its old life into the new.  If you get it wrong you’ll get bogged down in a whole “lotta drama” and self-induced crisis of one kind or another.  Pluto is retrograding in Capricorn.  So what’s likely being transformed now has something to do with your career and your foundation in life.  Ask yourself what achievements, yet to be realized, are still important enough to you to go all out for?  In May, Pluto will be one of the planets involved in the grand earth trine and this can actually give a boost to your goals.  But Pluto does not waste time with the superficial, so dig deep.  Because these goals better be real and you’d better really care about them.

Please note that retrograde planets aren’t evil and their energies are not bad (even if it feels that way sometimes when your computer breaks down).  But the energy does require a certain amount of introspection to function properly.  It’s not about “out there” right now, but “in there.”  People who are determined to charge ahead like bulls will smack directly into a brick wall.  Frustration will be the name of their game.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Count to ten. Think things through.  And, by the way, those who have some of these planets retrograde at birth often report that they actually accomplish quite a bit more during the retrograde phase.  So you retro babies will likely get more accomplished in the outer world than the rest of us.  However, retrogrades do represent a time when—regardless of the planet involved—“re” words are appropriate.  Think in terms of: rethink, reconsider, re-evaluate, reconnect, re-establish, rework, research, rebuild, realign, replace, reimburse, refund, return, receipt (which you’d better save if you hope to return something!), relist, renew, recover, realize, and my personal favorite: RELAX. 

So, taken altogether, May is about kicking it old school (and by that, I mean take it down a notch).  As the New Moon and retrograde energies combine we’ll have access to some very deep wisdom. Your life may look deceptively calm on the surface now and it may appear to others as though nothing special is going on.  But just below that surface there is a flurry of activity and you will need to pay close attention to your options this month.  Hey, it’s not like you’ll be doing nothing (that was last month).  It’s just that the something you’re doing now is likely to require some extra thought. Otherwise, you’ll just end up “redoing” it later.  And we should be contemplating change right now—but not just any change.  Those of us who have been paying attention will watch for the right change and then grab it.  Just like dancing, it’s all about the beat. And this month’s dance forgoes fancy footwork and relies instead on precise timing….quick, quick slow; and steady you’ll go.



A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction in the sky, and come together in the same sign of the zodiac. This occurs approximately once per month (about every 28-29 days).

This is a time of new beginnings, and represents a special opportunity each month to begin again and get a fresh perspective on things. The power of the new moon is purely instinctual and people tend to go with their intuition.  At the dark of the new moon there is little light yet for illumination, so people must use senses other than their physical sight.  Yet this special time holds all possibilities within it, so we have the ability once a month to set a new course for ourselves.  For 2 weeks afterwards the moon will be slowly waxing or increasing in light.  Then, at the full moon, the light is once again bright and things become fully illuminated.  But before we can “see” with our eyes, we have to activate our “sight” in hopes, dreams and intuition. Set your intentions at the new moon and then chart your progress at the full moon.

The sign and the degree of each New Moon represents the theme for that 28 day period and signals a time of “resetting” our collective emotional clock.  Although, these themes also play out individually in our personal lives.  If you know your own natal chart, you can make each month’s reading even more personal by seeing where the new moon impacts your individual horoscope. And if you don’t know your chart, guess who would be just delighted to help you with that? Call me, we’ll talk.