by Lady Deane


June 4th, New Moon in Gemini

14 Degrees Gemini: “Two people, at widely different points, are in conversation with each other by means of telepathy.”

Hmmmmm…..this reminds me a bit of the current political debate!  This imagery can indicate people who are separated by different ideologies and sometimes, quite literally, by a language barrier as well. But it can also point to those who are separated by miles; as those who live far apart may not get to communicate face-to-face as often as they would like. But perhaps they are in one another’s thoughts more than is realized.  On the other hand, people who live in close proximity to one another can still live “in separate worlds” if they come from very different cultures or socio-economic backgrounds. What this degree really shows us is that barriers—whatever they may be—can and must be overcome if we are to truly understand one another.

On an esoteric level (for you fellow magicians out there), this degree represents the very real communication that is possible through the “ethers.”  There, one can be on the same wavelength or frequency as another, even when both are far apart geographically. Have you ever sat thinking of someone (even speaking to them in your mind’s eye), and then the next day they called you, seemingly out of the blue?  You reached them in the ethers and they heard you.  There are so many fantastic ways that we can reach out and communicate these days that there is never a need to walk (or talk) alone.  And this offers an excellent reminder that when we “talk to ourselves” we aren’t, really.  Someone hears us, somewhere.  So open your minds for this new moon—being heard and understood will be the objective.  And remember to take turns listening!

From a health perspective, Gemini rules the arms and hands and has a lot to do with general flexibility, reflexes and hand-eye coordination. In addition, ones ability to think and communicate is certainly a Gemini task, as is the breath (lungs).  Any activity (or lack thereof) that favors health is favorable now.  For instance, giving up smoking, would be stellar as it would increase lung capacity. 

And for those of you who have been keeping track of our retrograde line-up, here’s where we are currently at:

Mercury: DIRECT!  Yay!  Go ahead and buy your computers, TVs, cellphones, and various other gadgets. Email, tweet and twitter your hearts out. Just don’t do it while walking or driving because Mars is still retrograding (accidents). 

Mars: Began it’s retrograde journey on April 17th and won’t be direct until June 29th.  Just a few more weeks, people. You can make it! Stuff we deal with when Mars is retrograde: unresolved anger issues; accidents in general; sports injuries (usually due to straining or overuse); rediscovering your passion in life; past loves, “loud noises” (that’s funny, cuz that’s my nickname for the Donald).

Jupiter: DIRECT! Yay!  You are now free to travel about the country.  Go on, have yourself an adventure! TSA should have a handle on those long wait times for security checks by now.

Saturn: Began it’s retrograde journey on March 25th and will not be direct again until August 13th.  OK, so just a few more months.  Hang in there. Stuff we deal with when Saturn is retrograde: real estate or housing issues; bosses or authority figures; experts and expertise; fatherhood, the rules and rule makers. If you’re selling a home now, it will probably go more smoothly (and you’ll get a better price) if you wait until Saturn is direct.

Pluto: Began it’s long retrograde phase on April 18th and won’t go direct again until Sept 26th.  Outer planets like Pluto spend roughly half the year retrograding, so this is not generally as big a deal as when the personal planets retrograde. Stuff we deal with when Pluto is retrograde: life and death; rebirth; transformation; your foundation; your career path or direction in life, and other in-depth issues.  Pluto doesn’t fool around—there’s no “chit-chat” with Pluto.  It likes to get straight to the heart of the matter.  So the game is afoot and there are important matters that need investigation.

Again, my disclaimer: retrograde planets aren’t evil and their energies are not bad (even if it feels that way sometimes when the inevitable chaos ensues).  But the energy does require a certain amount of introspection to function properly.  Retrogrades signal a period of inner work and self-governance. They represent a time when—regardless of the planet involved—“re” words are appropriate.  Think in terms of: rethink, reconsider, re-evaluate, reconnect, re-establish, rework, research, rebuild, realign, replace, repair, reimburse, refund, return, relist, renew, recover, realize, and my personal favorite: RELAX. 

So, altogether, June is about plotting a new course. 

You will have many choices to pick from now.  My advice?  Prioritize your top 5, 10, 15 items (….pick a realistic number for your current circumstances) from your “to do” list and focus on them.  You can successfully multitask now, but jeeze-louise even Loki has to nap every century or two!

So tap dance as fast as you can—the month will absolutely fly by.



A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction in the sky, and come together in the same sign of the zodiac. This occurs approximately once per month (about every 28-29 days).

This is a time of new beginnings, and represents a special opportunity each month to begin again and get a fresh perspective on things. The power of the new moon is purely instinctual and people tend to go with their intuition.  At the dark of the new moon there is little light yet for illumination, so people must use senses other than their physical sight.  Yet this special time holds all possibilities within it, so we have the ability once a month to set a new course for ourselves.  For 2 weeks afterwards the moon will be slowly waxing or increasing in light.  Then, at the full moon, the light is once again bright and things become fully illuminated.  But before we can “see” with our eyes, we have to activate our “sight” in hopes, dreams and intuition. Set your intentions at the new moon and then chart your progress at the full moon.

The sign and the degree of each New Moon represents the theme for that 28 day period and signals a time of “resetting” our collective emotional clock.  Although, these themes also play out individually in our personal lives.  If you know your own natal chart, you can make each month’s reading even more personal by seeing where the new moon impacts your individual horoscope. And if you don’t know your chart, guess who would be just delighted to help you with that? Call me, we’ll talk.