April 2016

by Lady Deane


April 7th, New Moon in Aries

18 Degrees Aries: “An empty hammock hangs between two lovely trees.”

Well!  Could there be a better invitation to pause and relax?  Not usually the Aries preferred modus operandi--as Aries is an active, go-go-go, pedal to the metal kind of fire sign.  Nevertheless, stopping to smell the roses (or swing on a hammock of a lazy afternoon) should be part of everyone’s wheelhouse. So this month, the “dance” we do is really more like an intermission: we’re taking a collective time-out from the dance to catch our breath.

Now, this doesn’t mean we’ll be doing nothing.  Far from it! Sometimes our best inspiration comes from our downtime activities. The “two lovely trees” in this Sabian symbol, speaks of getting out and about in nature: take a walk on the beach, garden, get your hands dirty.  This degree is all about getting back in touch with whatever conjures up images of “safe” and “relaxing” to you.  For many it will involve nature, however the important part is to create time for relaxation and woolgathering, in whatever way works for you.  Because this is what recharges your battery.  Have a heavy problem on your mind?  Stop trying to solve it for five minutes and do something (or nothing at all) that makes you just breathe deep and smile. It may surprise you how effective taking a breather can be in solving your problems.  Besides, problems always loom so much larger in our minds when we allow ourselves to become worn out. Refreshing your body will give you a whole new perspective on life.

Other themes included in this degree are: planning for retirement, planning vacation or time off, taking time out to recall pleasant memories from the past, thinking fondly of someone from the past (or someone you’re missing), rediscovering past pleasures, and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  If you are planning to redecorate during the next month, purchasing items where one relaxes are favorable now including: beds and bedding (sheets, linens, etc); easy chairs/recliners (or recovering/repairing favorite old chairs); couches and outdoor furniture (yes, including hammocks). Purchases definitely need to be selected more for comfort now and less for looks. So buy that squishy down pillow! Your fat little head will thank you for it.

From a health perspective, this degree is tricky.  If you’ve been overdoing it or just have a massive (read: “impractical/impossible”) to-do list and things have been weighing heavily on your mind, you can expect sleep disruption now. It’s because your mind will not shut down long enough to allow your body the rest it needs. You may have to unplug the phone and ignore the email for awhile til you can reconnect with what brings you real pleasure.  You may need to detach to gain some perspective. From a psychological standpoint, this degree is sometimes associated with fears—of not being/doing enough, of abandonment, of failure or under-achievement (because you are afraid your achievements are all there is to you). If any of these themes come up for you now, take some time to really examine where the fear is coming from. For example, do you really believe that no one would love you/stand by you if you did a little less for everyone else?  Do you really have to spend every waking moment on-the-go to feel a sense of self-worth?  Do you not deserve some down time yourself? (and, tell the truth, would you not just love a fat, squishy pillow?). 

In other astrological news, Mars will be retrograding this year from April 17th through June 29th.  Physically, Mars (ruler of Aries, the sign of the new moon this month) is usually the one in charge of building muscle and keeping us mobile and on the go.  But Mars has already begun the normal slow down period that precedes his retrograde phase. So, this is generally considered a poor time to over do it at the gym.  Stretching, increasing flexibility and improving balance are favored now—basically anything that increases strength slowly over time (strength training, yoga, tai chi, etc) is good and will produce favorable results.  But fast paced, high impact, workouts are not favorable during this retrograde and can actually do more harm than good now.  So be gentle with yourself physically and don’t push yourself.  On a personal level, Mars retrogrades can get us in touch with any unresolved anger issues still lingering around our psyche.  And we can purge them with an emotional “house cleaning” of sorts that will improve our health and our mood.  This is also a good time to get your hearing checked.

So there you have it—April is about kicking back a bit, turning down the “noise” (figuratively and literally) in our heads, and getting back in touch with the natural world.  We are tilling our own soil now and planting our own heirloom seeds. Out of this garden renewed passions will once again flourish.  Dance next month, this month: rest your feets.



A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction in the sky, and come together in the same sign of the zodiac. This occurs approximately once per month (about every 28-29 days).

This is a time of new beginnings, and represents a special opportunity each month to begin again and get a fresh perspective on things. The power of the new moon is purely instinctual and people tend to go with their intuition.  At the dark of the new moon there is little light yet for illumination, so people must use senses other than their sight.  Yet this special time holds all possibilities within it, so we have the ability once a month to set a new course for ourselves.  For 2 weeks afterwards the moon will be slowly waxing or increasing in light.  Then, at the full moon, the light is once again bright and things become fully illuminated.  But before we can “see” with our eyes, we have to activate our “sight” in hopes and dreams. Set your intentions at the new moon and then chart your progress at the full moon.

The sign and the degree of each New Moon represents the theme for that 28 day period and signals a time of “resetting” our collective emotional clock.  Although, these themes also play out individually in our personal lives.  If you know your own natal chart, you can make each month’s reading even more personal by seeing where the new moon impacts your individual horoscope. And if you don’t know your chart, guess who would be just delighted to help you with that? Call me, we’ll talk.