"Are there any Rules to the Readings?"

Why yes. Yes there are, and thank you so much for asking.

I will not lie, nor will I make things up. I can’t tell you what you want to hear just to make you feel better.

I will always trust the message (even if you don’t immediately understand it or believe in it).

I will not make decisions for you. Each of us has free will for a reason and I won’t interfere with yours. No psychic can see past the decisions you haven’t made yet. Although I will warn you if I see things you can avoid or prevent through your actions/decisions.

I will not read for you if you are in a car, in public, or operating any kind of machinery.

I will not read for you if you are impaired (if you have been drinking or using drugs).

I will not discuss your reading with anyone but you, unless you specifically ask me to (although you may share your reading with anyone you wish).

I WILL NOT SUMMON THE DEAD (it's rude). But I will deliver all messages I receive from those who do show up.

And lastly, do keep in mind that you are calling my home. No pre-dawn or late-night phone calls, please. I need my beauty sleep : 0 )

Working together, I believe that you and I can unveil exactly what you most need to know in the present moment. By offering you a conduit to your spirit guide(s) and higher power, we can enhance your spiritual growth. In this way, readings can be an enormously personal, helpful and healing experience.