"Is there anything I can do to prepare for a reading?"

If you have questions you’d like me to answer, you may want to jot them down prior to the reading. Also, your reading can be recorded if you would like, or you can take notes (have paper and pen handy during your reading).

Make sure you have at least a half an hour of uninterrupted time for your reading. A reading takes at least that long, and sometimes longer, depending on how many messages I receive, as well as questions you may have. Try to find a quiet room where people will not be coming in and out the entire time.

Ideally, you would be alone during your reading. But if you would like someone to be with you, that’s fine, just let me know.  Sometimes I will bring messages in for them as well (again, not on purpose, it just seems to happen that way).

Do not call me for your reading while you are helmet diving in Bermuda. I will not read for you under water (though if you have a sailboat we can talk). You should also not call me while attending your friend's sister's cousin's wedding, or while watching a parade, or while jogging. Believe it or not a reading will require your full attention and you should not be otherwise engaged.

You should not be driving a car (or operating machinery) during your reading. It is not safe. We will talk about very personal (often emotional) things which can leave you feeling distracted. We enter into what I call "sacred space" during the reading, and sometimes after it for a short time, you may feel somewhat disconnected from the physical world. This is a normal side effect which passes quickly. But­­—just to be safe—you don’t want to have to immediately engage in physical activity that requires you to be fully present in your body. Give yourself time to absorb and process the messages received. After all, some of them travelled a great distance to be delivered to you! : 0 )