by Lady Deane

A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction in the sky, and come together in the same sign of the zodiac. This occurs approximately once per month (about every 28-29 days).

This is a time of new beginnings, and represents a special opportunity each month to begin again and get a fresh perspective on things. The power of the new moon is purely instinctual and people tend to go with their intuition.  At the dark of the new moon there is little light yet for illumination, so people must use senses other than their sight.  Yet this special time holds all possibilities within it, so we have the ability once a month to set a new course for ourselves.  For 2 weeks afterwards the moon will be slowly waxing or increasing in light.  Then, at the full moon, the light is once again bright and things become fully illuminated.  But before we can “see” with our eyes, we have to activate our “sight” in hopes and dreams. Set your intentions at the new moon and then chart your progress at the full moon.

The sign and the degree of each New Moon represents the theme for that 28 day period and signals a time of “resetting” our collective emotional clock.  Although, these themes also play out individually in our personal lives.  If you know your own natal chart, you can make each month’s reading even more personal by seeing where the new moon impacts your individual horoscope. And if you don’t know your chart, guess who would be just delighted to help you with that?

December 11th, New Moon in Sagittarius

19 Degrees Sagittarius: “Pelicans disturbed by the garbage of people move their young to a new habitat.”

Well, of course the obvious image here is cleaning up our homes. Our larger environment (the earth) can also use some cleansing energy as well. But the overall energy for this month’s dance is really more like an out of control rave. To say that people are feeling a bit unsafe these days would be an understatement (as the recent rise in gun sales proves).  And yet, life must go on, parents must continue to raise and protect their children without teaching them to live in fear.  Naturally, we all need to be aware of our surroundings and to make sure we have safe environments in which to live. So, to that end, it’s also certainly possible that some of us may be planning (or talking about) relocation now.  Sag is generally an upbeat sign, but it is a fire sign.  Fire likes to act, to move, to DO something other than just talk about the problem. So if your only (or best) solution is to move now—in other words, if it’s not your “garbage” and you can’t fix the problem—you may just pick up and move to try and get away from the problem.  In extreme form of course this can indicate even more refugees hitting the road to a (hopefully) better and safer future.

But before you load up the moving van, keep in mind that our “garbage” can be more than just refuse, physical obstacles, or other dangers. Our garbage may also include our fears, our attitudes, and our prejudices.  So, it’s not just our homes or neighborhoods that might be toxic now. There is a deep and pervasive soul sickness that has colored our world and which desperately needs each and every one of us to participate in its healing.  Individually, we can help by cleaning out mentally damaging images or emotionally negative thought patterns. I think this is especially appropriate to address at the holidays—because this is usually a time for “good will to all” not to mention family get-togethers.

This new moon’s energies are further complicated by other important aspect patterns now.  Uranus (sudden disruption) is opposing Mars (anger) and they are both t-squaring Pluto (fear, violence) at the moment.  This is a tough one, no question.  Does it seem like bullies are just coming out of every back alley and dark hidey-hole in every town everywhere??? Politically, this can be very unpredictable energy.  In our personal lives, these difficult energies can have us jumping the gun, over-reacting, and collectively creating a chain reaction of negative emotion. We are quick to anger (or panic) now and this t-square can ramp up already volatile energies and cause some real problems.  Luckily there is one positive note to this aspect: the new moon itself is trining Uranus and sextiling Mars.  This can mean that cooler heads may yet prevail and shine their light so that wiser policies may be implemented to help us cope more peacefully (and intelligently) with a rapidly changing world.

I know that I usually try to keep things light in this column, and I always try to emphasize the positive.  But I also have an obligation to my readers to tell it like it is.  And the truth this month is that this new moon is challenging us to be better people. To rise above the panic, the fear, the prejudice and the hatred.  And to stand up for peace and tolerance and decent treatment for all human beings, regardless of religious beliefs. And, while we’re at it, let’s turn a deaf ear to politicians who would use hate speech to incite us to violence (my own “Christmas Miracle” dream involves Mr. Trump going back to his TV show and leaving politics to the candidates with some actual experience). Because if I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that you can’t fix ignorance with more ignorance.  Fear and intolerance will beget yet more fear and intolerance.

In early Christian art, Pelicans symbolized charity. If you watch the news these days it certainly seems as though charity is hard to come by. But what kind of a world are we creating without it? Would you want your children living in a world like that? This holiday season, lets all picture a world where everyone lives in peace. We could co-create it together. It could happen. If we believed it could.

Big Dreams Start Small. 

Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday season.