by Lady Deane

A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction in the sky, and come together in the same sign of the zodiac. This occurs approximately once per month (about every 28-29 days).

This is a time of new beginnings, and represents a special opportunity each month to begin again and get a fresh perspective on things. The power of the new moon is purely instinctual and people tend to go with their intuition.  At the dark of the new moon there is little light yet for illumination, so people must use senses other than their sight.  Yet this special time holds all possibilities within it, so we have the ability once a month to set a new course for ourselves.  For 2 weeks afterwards the moon will be slowly waxing or increasing in light.  Then, at the full moon, the light is once again bright and things become fully illuminated.  But before we can “see” with our eyes, we have to activate our “sight” in hopes and dreams. Set your intentions at the new moon and then chart your progress at the full moon.

The sign and the degree of each New Moon represents the theme for that 28 day period and signals a time of “resetting” our collective emotional clock.  Although, these themes also play out individually in our personal lives.  If you know your own natal chart, you can make each month’s reading even more personal by seeing where the new moon impacts your individual horoscope. And if you don’t know your chart, guess who would be just delighted to help you with that? 

November 11th, New Moon in Scorpio

19 Degrees Scorpio: “A parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has overheard.”

Well!  Apparently there will be plenty of juicy gossip going around this month and the water cooler may be a good place to loiter if you need to keep an ear to the ground about something.  But, if you want the real skinny (and who doesn’t), you’re better off going straight to the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Or would that be “the parrot’s beak?” 

But this month is really less about what is said, and more about what it means. Just as parrots will often mimic without truly understanding what it is they are saying, we may want to exercise some caution now in repeating something we’ve heard but don’t yet fully understand.  Things can be taken out of context easily now; or you may have actually “misheard” something or misread a situation.  Take care not to jump to conclusions before you have gained the depth of understanding necessary to make good judgment calls. And if you do happen upon a choice bit of gossip, ask yourself if it’s worth repeating.  Then ask yourself again!

Scorpio is a sign that is often privy to one’s deepest, darkest secrets.  It tends towards a tricky tango with complicated footwork. So, if you don’t want to see your dirty laundry (or someone else’s) aired in public, now would be a good time to make sure that the keeper of your secrets is actually trustworthy.  And for those of you entrusted with secrets or proprietary data yourself, remember that Loose Lips Sink Ships.  Stop tweeting, monkey-mailing, facebooking, etc. the more personal and private things you know about others. They will not appreciate your “share.”  But if you do choose to share with someone, make sure that it is personal, heartfelt, and in-depth.  Because one-to-one, deeply personal conversations can actually go quite well now, and you can help significant others understand you (or you them) on an entirely new level.

And—not for nuthin’—but if you’d like to avoid annoying people this month, try not to repeat yourself. At least not overly. No one enjoys a broken record.  State your case, then give it a rest.

Oh the upside—and yes, OF COURSE I have an upside for you!—Jupiter is sextiling this new moon and trining Pluto; and Mercury is conjunct the new moon.  This means that for those of you who need to teach or educate others this is the perfect month.  Whether you are literally translating things into other languages, or just taking something that is so complicated it reads like it was written in code, and breaking it down so actual humans can understand it, you can successfully COMMUNICATE now and be understood!  And perhaps (if you pay attention) even applauded.  Use your individual knowledge and share that wisdom freely with others now. Because THAT’s what will be appreciated. Overall, this is a great new moon for writing, speaking, teaching and publishing.  So let your inner genius out and keep all the flying monkeys locked up.  At least until the next time the circus comes to town.

See you next month!  : 0 )