"What is the difference between an Astrology Reading and a Psychic/Mediumship Reading?"

Well, both types of readings provide valuable information, and both types can answer some of your questions. Which you should choose often depends on your personal preference.

Astrology is truly a Heavenly language; and an Astrologer is someone who decodes that language and interprets the movement of the planets. The natal chart is used as a blueprint for your life. An Astrology Reading can be very valuable in identifying your strengths, talents, challenges, and the soul’s purpose in incarnating in this lifetime. Astrology is very good at analyzing themes (current, upcoming, and future) and/or patterns you may be processing in your life.  Astrology is largely based on math. However a good Astrological Reading is also an art form, because in the final analysis it’s the individual Astrologer’s interpretation of the language of the Heavens that counts.  An Astrology Reading can tell you where you are in TIME. 

In a Card Reading, I combine Psychic and Mediumship skills to deliver messages to you. Before your reading I meditate using your name, asking for any messages from your Angels and Ancestors; Guardians and Guides. Then, during the reading I will use a regular deck of 52 playing cards to help me focus the energy when answering your questions. I tell you what I see, hear, or feel and then you may ask your own questions. A Card Reading can be very valuable in identifying what you most need to know RIGHT NOW.