Capricorn Full Moon: will the real Grown-Up in the room please stand up?

by Lady Deane

Sunday, July 9th is the full Moon in Capricorn. Saturn rules the earth sign, Capricorn. And Saturn likes grown-ups. You know, those mythic individuals who take responsibility for their own lives and, despite what life throws at them, somehow manage to “soldier on.” These are the real troopers, the ones who take it on the chin without whining. And you’d better not whine at them, either!

It’s not that Capricorn/Saturnine types don’t have empathy for those who are suffering. But let’s just say that you’d better truly be suffering. Because crocodile tears won’t cut it with them. They wait til you really need help before offering. And when they do offer, they mean it. Another Saturn trait–honoring your commitments.

So, like I say, normally a Capricorn Moon would be a rather serious and somber event all by itself…a time of concluding ones responsibilities. Paying the bills, eating all your veggies, persevering no matter what…blah, blah, blah. All that boring grown-up stuff, which always works so well under Capricorn. But this particular full Moon is a real doozy! Because now, in addition to the extra energy one feels during any full moon, we also get to experience the Moon conjunct to Pluto and opposing Mars.  This combines extra depth and intensity–courtesy of Pluto–with the fire and passion of Mars. This can cause fights…or you could enjoy some really passionate sex. Either way, it’s intense!

Yes, I suppose it’s true. This energy is somewhat challenging. And you could find yourself wasting the energy by fighting with your family or co-workers (the “family” away from home). You could also choose to blame everyone else for your problems. And you hot-heads and road-ragers out there do need to be a bit cautious.  Because with the Pluto/Mars opposition, a simple disagreement could escalate all too quickly into World War III if you let it.

OR, how about this.

WHAT IF, instead of raging at the world, you could choose to direct all that intense passion, drive and self-discipline into one of your own projects? Imagine the determination and never-say-die attitude of Capricorn/Saturn combined with the intense depths of Pluto and the passion of Mars. What a combination for achievement!

True, this particular full moon is not for sissies. Whiners and kidults please beware (and hide under your blankies til it’s over). But for those of you brave souls who regularly stare back into the abyss yelling: “Is that all ya got?!?” take note: the time is NOW to make stuff happen. You have what it takes to get to the next level of something in your life, so don’t give up. Stick with it, and you may even surprise yourself at what you can do! Stand up and be counted (and counted on). Grown-ups have earned their stripes.

As with all things Capricorn, it’s the mature choice that counts. And the good news is that you get to make that choice. Good luck with that. (being Neptunian myself, I may just be hiding under my blankie on Sunday)

From a health perspective, Capricorn rules the knees and the skeleton, so take it easy on the old bones now. Stretch before exercising and just know that when the Moon and Pluto get together you might feel a bit invincible (that is, when you’re not feeling completely emotionally raw and vulnerable). Sports tend to be a good outlet for this type of energy, provided you’re not a sore looser (again, the whole grown-up attitude thing). There’s a nice combination of physical energy and strength available now, which works well for sports or martial arts that require a fiercely disciplined approach. Your awareness of the aging process is also likely to be heightened, but if you listen to your body you will find ways to improve your health.


Don't like the sounds of this full Moon? Don't worry, next month there'll be another! Because the heavens have decreed that we earthlings all need to learn a few new dance steps every now and again. So step up and dance. Then look up and thank your lucky stars.