Venus Retrograde: A To-Do List

by Lady Deane

Venus is retrograding now (July 25th thru September 6th), and this particular Venus goes a bit deeper than usual.  This retrograde journey is complicated by its (usually) beneficial conjunction to Jupiter and its (generally) challenging square to Saturn. The square to Saturn is not always bad, by the way; it can help us get serious about love for instance, and we can become aware of just who we want to commit to (and exactly who we don’t).  And the conjunction to Jupiter is not always a good thing; although it does feel good at the time!  It can make us go a bit overboard (think: spending, love, comfort, etc.).  But that’s where the square to Saturn can help.  Saturn gives us a bit more self-discipline than we would normally have and can save the day.  So, if the 2 work together, we should benefit in the long run (Saturn rules time, so its benefits aren’t always immediately apparent).  In the sort term, we can end up feeling just a tad disillusioned with people, love, projects, our finances and our personal world in general.  But the disillusionment is a wake up call, not a death sentence.  It’s meant to show us what’s not working so we can fix it.

“So,” (you all ask in my head) “does this mean that Venus retrograde will bring us nothing but disappointment?”  Well, wouldn’t that just suck!  So, no, not at all.  But we will be faced with seeing who’s really behind that curtain in OZ—seeing the real faces of the people/things/projects we care about.  And, on a comfort level, Venus retrograde can be very revealing as well.  Short cuts, miracle cures or quick fixes just won’t cut it now.  Because this is where you actually have to do the work. And (spoiler alert), it can take time. Here is a quick summary of what to know about Venus Retrograde…

VENUSIAN THEMES: lost love, past love, relationships, hurts or disappointments, disillusionment—with people, things, or events that are usually gratifying or satisfying and no longer are, finances, value, comfort zones, etiquette.


·      Don’t rush into love. Don’t marry now (dating is ok, though).

·      Don’t take short cuts in love. Get to know people the old fashioned way—slowly, over time.

·      Don’t chase after people.  If you’ve let them know you need to be with them/speak to them etc., then allow them the time they need to come to you.

·      Don’t try to fool people now or pretend you care more than you do just to spare their feelings.  Your feelings matter too, you know.

·      Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.  People will see right through that.  And that works both ways (you’ll see thru them as well).

·      Don’t put up with lies from people just because you care about them.  If they’ve been faking it, call them on it.

·      Don’t be rude. People may be tempted to let common courtesy go out the window when Venus retrogrades, but honey still catches more flies than vinegar so mind your manners.

·      Don’t complain.  No one likes a whiner.

·      Don’t rely on the “hype” of quick fixes or miracle cures.  Test things/try things out for yourself. 


·      Do reconnect with loved ones.

·      Do reconsider your relationships. Who are your real friends?

·      Do see people for who they really are—and if possible—love them anyway (or let them go).

·      Do work on healing your own heart so that you can love again.

·      Do really listen to what loved ones are saying now (or are trying to say).

·     Do read between the lines (in everything from products to people) and pay attention to facial expressions/hidden meanings.

·      Do refinance now if you need to (but be sure you need to).

·      Do push your comfort zone now, as you may be surprised at how far you can go. Do you normally feel somewhat awkward at parties? Suffer from social anxiety? Venus retrograde may help you to reach out, connect, and expand your skill set. Socialize!  You don’t have to become a hermit just because you need a little alone time.

·      Do learn to live with what you can’t change and weather things with good grace.

·     Do get to know what or who it is you truly value.

·      Do learn to find beauty where it is least expected to be.  Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Got a Venus retrograde story you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear from you!  Leave a comment.