Saint Nectan's Kieve, Cornwall. Photo by Nell Garrett. Used with permission.

We sleep to allow our physical bodies to rest and renew our energy.

We meditate to allow our souls to rest and restore our spirit.

Oftentimes clients will tell me that they don't meditate because they just can't 'empty their minds.'  But I have been meditating regularly and successfully since I was a child and I don't think I ever once managed to empty my mind.  So I have come to the conclusion that people have the wrong idea about what meditation is.  The goal of meditation is not to empty oneself.  Certainly trying to 'think of nothing' is just setting yourself up for failure.  On the contrary, when you begin to meditate stop ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from entering your mind.  The moment you decide to be still, all sorts of thoughts will suddenly run at you.  Allow them to.  Shut nothing out.  Welcome them in.  And as they enter, observe them one at a time.  A thought walks in, perhaps even an inane thought such as 'I forgot to buy milk.'  Acknowledge it.  'Yes, I forgot to buy milk.'  Then just let it go.  Don't try to control it or stop it in any way, because keeping thoughts from occurring is next to impossible.  And don't try to bargain with a thought ('If I promise to buy milk Monday will you please leave me alone?'). Because a funny thing happens when you just allow them in without trying to control them (and also, without being freaked out by them).  The trick is to just observe them dispassionately, notice them come in, then watch them leave (and they will leave).  You can even thank them for stopping by. Eventually you will notice fewer and fewer thought distractions.  That's when you can turn your attention to something more important: your breath.  Focusing on the breath brings your energy back your center...where it belongs.  It keeps you intact, prevents you from scattering your energies to the 4 winds, and deepens your focus.  That's when your meditation actually begins.

My General Meditations are available for a variety of helpful topics such as relaxation, healing, or love.  And they are all guided.  That is, I talk you through it, so you won't have to do any of the heavy lifting.  All you'll have to do is sit back, relax and listen.  Some find that they relax so completely that they fall asleep (or at least, they think they are asleep).  Believe me when I say: IT DOES NOT MATTER.  You may not remember a single word of the meditation but, trust me, you will still get all the benefits from it.  In any case, here's my disclaimer: DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF MY MEDITATIONS IN THE CAR OR WHILE USING ANY TYPE OF EQUIPMENT.  And make sure, before you begin meditating, that you will have at least a half hour of uninterrupted time.

Most of my Meditations--whether General or Custom--have several parts to them.  These parts flow smoothly from one to another, and you won't likely notice the transition, but each part does have  a distinct purpose along the way. Here's a sample of what you can expect:

1) BEGINNING THE JOURNEY: getting comfy, releasing the day's stress or tension, allowing thoughts to come in and be released, relaxation techniques like deep breathing.

2) VISUALIZATION: this is where most of your meditative "work" is actually done.  Becoming aware of the light,  infusing the body with light, infusing the room/house/town/state/country/world with light.  Connecting your light to everyone and everything.  Beginning to visualize, in a very deliberate way, what you most need to manifest right now.

3) SILENT TIME OR 'FLOATING': this gives your angels and spirit guides an opportunity to work for you. By giving them permission to connect with you, you allow the visualization to take on a life of its own and go where it will (undirected by your conscious mind). It also opens you up to receive messages (from angels, ancestors, god/dess, etc) or to just 'float' outside of time and just 'be' with no other expectation. This is where your soul rests and your spirit is renewed.

4) GRATITUDE: giving thanks to whoever you'd like to acknowledge (spirit guides, ancestors, angels, the god and goddess, divine light, friends, family, pets, Santa, whoever) for providing help and guidance on your journey.  Bless the Light.  Bless your Life.

5) RETURNING: slowing coming back into the physical body, returning to full consciousness, feeling well, refreshed and awake.  Receiving a positive affirmation such as:     As you return to your body, you will remember all you accomplished and experienced in your mediation today and will begin to work happily and steadily towards your goals in your everyday life at whatever pace is most comfortable for you.

It is  important  to remember that meditation doesn't end when you wake up.  You will continue to process your journey and any messages received for some time to come.  The angels and spirit guides might also choose to continue working on you while you work, eat, play, sleep and so on, as you go about your ordinary day.  It is amazing what you can actually set into motion when you meditate.  It's almost like making your dreams come true in your sleep!

Custom Meditations are even more powerful because they contain very specific guidance for you and you alone.   I work with you individually in order to discover what changes you actually want to make, and are ready to make.  Then I write and record a meditation that is very personal and uniquely designed to help you attain your goals.