The Mystical Card Reading Handbook (digital version)
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The Mystical Card Reading Handbook

by Lady Deane

There is a sacred, hidden language encoded within the natural universe. And if you know how to decode it you can unlock the key to understanding the deeper mysteries in life.

Card Reading is one way you can reveal the ancient mystical wisdom hidden within an ordinary deck of playing cards. My grandmother knew the secrets of the cards and she taught them to me.  This amazing system can be used to gain invaluable knowledge about yourself, your family and your friends. In this handbook I have listed the meaning of every card under all four suits, and for each planetary influence. These meanings may be used with any card reading you choose....whether you are using "Destiny Card" type readings, or doing a more intuitive type reading as my grandmother and I did.  Which makes this handbook an invaluable resource for any card reader.

And this digital version is available for download now! (print version available thru

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Mystical Card Reading Handbook
By Deane Driscoll

Card Reading
from 85.00

This is a Psychic Reading where I use an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards, and it takes about half an hour via phone.  During this time I will give you any impressions or messages I receive and you may ask questions.  I work mainly off of your voice, so this reading has to be in-person or over the phone. My grandmother was a psychic also (see "About Deane") and taught me to read using a regular deck of cards when I was very young.

Please be aware that psychics and mediums are not the same thing.  A medium receives messages from those who have crossed over.  A psychic receives messages from angels or spirit guides.  I do not contact your departed loved ones, although I will deliver messages from them if they are received.  This reading can be recorded if you would like.

The cost for a single reading is $85. However, if you know you are going to want several readings, then you may order a discounted block of 4 readings at $75 per reading.

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The Mystical Card Reading Handbook--SIGNED COPY

NOW AVAILABLE! A signed copy of the Mystical Card Reading Handbook is available for $23 (includes priority shipping) directly from the author. If you would like a personal inscription, please email deane@ourcosmicdance, or call (860) 799-6067, and I would be happy to provide one for you. Also, if you include your birthdate, I'll tell you what your Birth Card is.

You may also order this book directly from the publisher (ACS) at, or by calling Tom Canfield of ACS, M-F, from 10am-3pm (EST), at (603) 734-4300.

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Card Reading Class
from 40.00

In Card Reading Classes (in person or over the computer via Skype) we explore the ancient art of Cartomancy--reading for yourself or others--using an ordinary deck of playing cards.  My grandmother was a psychic who also read using an ordinary deck and she taught me this method when I was very young (see "About Deane").  Of course, you do not actually have to be a psychic to read with this method, however we will be developing and enhancing your natural intuition as part of our studies. Sample class topics include the meaning of the card numbers, as well as the meaning of the 4 suits, combination cards, special cards, personal cards (based on your birthday), and how the cards relate to the planets.  The deck of 52 is so much more than a game!  Classes combine informative lectures with hands on learning.  I will read for each student and then the students will read for one another (with my help).  This is so that you can see the cards in action and will help illustrate my somewhat eclectic technique.  In these classes, I offer hard to find information and bring a lifetime of experience studying and using this method. Offered to committed students of metaphysics as well as the curious.  Private tutelage is also available.  Please note: refunds are not offered for classes.

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For unusual or special requests. Must have prior permission to use.

Call or email Deane for more information.